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Get ready to Do-Si-Do again!

Narbunny calls a square dance

Narberth Square Dance

Borough Hall Map

Sponsored by The Narberth Civic Association. Experienced caller Keith Brand will call the dances. Live dance music will be provided by Noggin Hill. The band includes Narberth natives Zachary Fay on fiddle and Isaac Stanford on guitar, joined by Chris Coyle on acoustic bass and John Salmons on banjo.

All are welcome! No experience necessary, no partner needed. Ticket information coming soon.

The Narberth Civic Association and open government

We are gratified to note that the Narberth borough website has a new post on its home page, Stay Informed and Make Your Voice Heard. The links lead to a information that parallels the NCA's Guide to Borough Government, along with the statement "Narberth Borough government is committed to openness and transparency."

We thank the borough for this update and modestly hope that it was in part a response to the request we read into the official record at the Council Caucus meeting of February 4, 2015:

The mission of the Narberth Civic Association (NCA) is to promote and facilitate citizen involvement in our Narberth community. The NCA encourages well-informed citizens to participate in an open and transparent governance of our community.
Therefore the Narberth Civic Association requests that Narberth Borough government post on its website its policies, practices and procedures regarding public access to government records.

What's next?

The NCA considers the posting of these policies and procedures a good first step in facilitating citizen access, to which we hope to see further enhancements. The 25 cents per page fee charged by the borough is mandated by the state of PA's form as "up to $ 0.25 per page" which "can be waived". Furthermore, Narberth's document makes no provision for requesting electronic (as opposed to printed) records, although this is permitted under state statute. PA Enhanced Electronic Access Fee Request

The Narberth Civic Association will continue to work with our elected public servants to improve your access to information and lower barriers to your input and involvment, in accordance with our mission to build a better community for all of us, Narbs and Nearbs, citizens and businesses.

A hundred years ago in Our Town

Our Town

Narberth, PA.,


At a special meeting of the Narberth Fire Company last Monday evening, it was voted to convert the horse-drawn hook and ladder into a tractor motor apparatus, thus making Narberth's equipment all "horseless," except the old chemical which is used only in emergencies. This will put Narberth on a par with Camden, the first city to be completely "non-horse."

Read the May 13, 1915 edition of Our Town

Download the May 13, 1915 edition of Our Town

Check back each week for an excerpt from the edition of exactly one hundred years ago. Our Town was published 1914 - 1927 by the Narberth Civic Association. About Our Town