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The Civic Association window at Ricklin's: come find a few of your favorite things

Narberth holidays 2014

The Civic Association window at Ricklin's hardware celebrates the holiday season by night.

Come find a few of your favorite things while you eat, drink, shop Narberth.

A hundred years ago in Our Town

Our Town

Narberth, PA.,


The expert town planners and landscape engineers, whose services have been secured by the civic association for the planning and development of "Narberth Park," are busily engaged in the preparation of final plans...and as soon as these are completed they will be presented to that committee for approval, after which specifications will be prepared and bids obtained from contractors.

At first thought, the idea of spending a large sum of money to buy, develop and improve a piece of land and presenting a large part or it to the community free of charge, sounds more like a philanthropy than a business proposition. But when we stop to consider the fact that every dollar's worth of attraction and beauty added to this tract means a dollar's worth of value added to the home sites abutting thereon, we begin to realize that, after all, there may be two sides to the question.

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Check back each Thursday for an excerpt from the edition of exactly one hundred years ago. Our Town was published 1914 - 1927 by the Narberth Civic Association. About Our Town