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Downtown Narberth is a big part of the reason we love our town. No other Main Line town has quite the relaxed, friendly, walkable atmosphere that Narberth does. After all, we're a train station town, not a busy highway town like so many of our neighbors.

Our shops play a huge role in our town's character. We have shops that have operated for a century alongside newcomers. Between downtown, Montgomery Avenue and the Woodbine/Iona corner, we have pubs and restaurants, arts and crafts, clothing, a movie theater, an old-fashioned 5 & 10, a hardware store, and so much more. They are a walking destination and convenience for us, an attraction for visitors and an important part of our town's tax base. When they thrive, we all thrive.

'Tis the Season to Slow Down, Shop Narberth

That's why, this holiday season, we urge everyone to patronize our town's businesses.

Thank you!

Eitzen Creative Eitzen Creative relocated their design firm from Center City to the heart of Narberth at 109 Forrest Avenue. Pam Eitzen, longtime Narberth resident and supporter, and senior designer Amanda McCarthy generously donated their time and talents to create and install this display. The Slow Down, Shop Narberth campaign is also Eitzen's work.

Ricklin's Hardware Ricklin's Hardware has dedicated one of their display windows to host our messages for over 10 years. Ricklin's has been a part of Narberth as long as the Civic Association. They have been unfailingly cheerful, patient and cooperative while we sand, paint, drill and install. Please stop by to see the window, then go inside to shop and maybe hug a Ricklin's employee for their ongoing contribution to our community!