Narberth Civic Association  

President's Report for 2012-2013

2013 brought the NCA to new heights of visibility, an enlarged membership base and more contributions to Narberth. Look at what all Narberth enjoyed this year because of the Narberth Civic Association!

  • We began the season in the Fall of 2012 with another Narberth Clean Sweep, the third year in a row.
  • We had a spectacular 2012 Fall Membership Event - The Making of Downtown Narberth with Dennis Montagna, where we doubled our memberships and introduced ourselves to Narberth in a very positive light.
  • New Bulletin Board at the train station installed
  • Our reclaimed and revitalized window at Ricklin's is going strong. People now look forward to what's coming next! Since the Fall of 2012 it has showcased:
    • The Smartcode Lecture
    • The Making of Downtown Narberth with Dennis Montagna Lecture
    • Eat Drink Shop Narberth installed by local ad agency Eitzen Creative
    • The Garden Clubs display complete with a Gnome and live plants
    • NarbEarth Day window
    • Bicycle Month window by Sweet Mabel
    • Garden Tour posters
    • Avi and Nikolai Fox's photos of Narberth
    • Laura Jackson's Tree Project
    • Eat Drink Shop Narberth for the 2013/2014 season by Eitzen Creative
  • We've been a liason with the Planning Commission to publicize Narberth's Form-based zoning project. We advertised and were a sponsor for Borough Council's presentation in September 2012 of Sandy Sorlien's lecture on the Zoning Smartcode.
  • Our Potluck in February 2013 welcomed over 50 attendees, with more members joining.
  • NarbEarth Day 2013 finished in the black, with even more new and interesting vendors. The primary food vendor made money as well and we had a new volunteer source from a local business.
  • For the second straight year we held a successful volunteer luncheon in summer 2013 using the local Narberth Cafe & board members for the food, and Brenna Carswell for the cupcakes, in hopes of supporting her coffee shop endeavors!
  • We coordinated two Whole Foods E-cycle pick-ups in 2013, thanks to member Jim Speer.
  • We coordinated the Habitat For Humanity pick-ups with Junk Week in June 2013, an idea presented by Ed Ridgway
  • We no longer pay for a database thanks to board member George Lonsdorf.
  • We have begun again to attend meetings of the Lower Merion Federation of Civics, represented by NCa board member Liz Brown. Liz stepped down from the board in January 2014 and we thank her for her service.
  • We donated to the Memorial Day Parade and for the first time in years we marched in it alongside Sweet Mabel's little bike crew!
  • We have 165 likes on our Facebook Page so far, and I responded on a regular basis to residents' questions via the NCA email address and our FB page.
  • We worked with Aaron Muderick on Borough Council to inspire his excellent Guide to Borough Government which will soon be posted on our website.

Thank you to all of our volunteers without whom this wouldn't be possible. 2014 will be our 100th Anniversary and with your help we will keep going strong!

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Holljes Lonsdorf, President
January 2014