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NarbEarth day is coming!

NarbEarth Day 2015 is Saturday, April 25

NarbEarth Day

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The Narberth Civic Asssociation presents the 26th Annual NarbEarth Day, the fun family festival of environmentally friendly living and sustainability, a Narberth tradition since 1990. Free admission to all.

Who's appearing at NarbEarth Day 2015?

Attend the Zoning Code Public Meeting

Narberth Form=-based Zoning Code cover

Design Narberth Q&A

Borough Hall Map

Members of Borough Council and the Planning Commission will answer residents' and property owners' questions about zoning code changes proposed for Narberth. Come help them edit the code to address concerns and make it easier to read and use.

Read the special edition Borough newsletter (185 KB)

Read the draft of the zoning code (112 pages, 6.2MB)

The Narberth Civic Association and open government

At the Council Caucus meeting of February 4, 2015, the NCA read into the official record:

The mission of the Narberth Civic Association (NCA) is to promote and facilitate citizen involvement in our Narberth community. The NCA encourages well-informed citizens to participate in an open and transparent governance of our community.
Therefore the Narberth Civic Association requests that Narberth Borough government post on its website its policies, practices and procedures regarding public access to government records.

Why did we do this?

The ongoing discussion about the future of downtown Narberth and the former gas station at 100 Forrest Avenue has demonstrated wide interest and disagreement among our neighbors. The discussion has often been characterized by speculation, assumptions, and the absence of facts. Frequently we've heard "How do I find that out?" and "Does anybody knows why (or what or where or when) that is?"

What do we want?

We've asked our borough council to post on Narberth borough's website: how do we get public information?

We believe they want what we're asking for. Our seven councilors are our neighbors, elected by us, and donate considerable time and effort to serve us, without pay. Our Guide to borough government clearly demonstrates that they advocate community participation and open information. It was produced in cooperation with and first drafted by our borough council members.

What's next?

Information fosters trust. Trust enables dialog, cooperation, participation. Informed participation builds a better community for all of us, Narbs and Nearbs, citizens and businesses. This is your Narberth Civic Association's mission and we will continue to work with our elected public servants to improve your access to information and lower barriers to your input and involvment.

Thank you for your support,
The NCA Board of Directors

A hundred years ago in Our Town

Our Town

Narberth, PA.,


Narberth Basket Ball Team Goes Through Season Without Defeat.

Back row (left to right)–Earl Smith, Norman Kriehel, Vernon Fleek, Lawrence Davis, Dr. Romaine Hoffman (coach). Second row–Eugene Davis, William Durbin (Capt.), Lester Jeffries. Bottom row–Harold Speakman, Walter Humphries.

Read the April 15, 1915 edition of Our Town

Download the April 15, 1915 edition of Our Town

Check back each week for an excerpt from the edition of exactly one hundred years ago. Our Town was published 1914 - 1927 by the Narberth Civic Association. About Our Town