Narberth Civic Association  

About the Narberth Civic Association

Narberth Civic Association seal and mission statement 1919
— from Our Town, January 18, 1919, published by the Narberth Civic Association

Our Proud Heritage

The Narberth Civic Association (NCA) was founded in March 1914 and has been an integral part of Narberth's history ever since. On October 15, 1914 the NCA began publishing Our Town, the local newspaper. It continued throughout the Great Depression and two World Wars and was a forerunner of the Main Line Times. Recently, the NCA made available an online archive of Our Town so everyoneincorpor can enjoy and learn about Narberth's special history.

The NCA was also instrumental in planning and developing the Narbrook Park neighborhood in 1915. This model community is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Read about it in the 1915 issues of Our Town!

Our Present and Future

Today your Narberth Civic Association continues to be of service. We sponsor events to promote community and education in an informal, interesting and enjoyable way. We host the Candidates Forum, showcasing local political candidates for office. NarbEarth Day, our signature environmental "living the green life" festival for all ages has been held every April since 1990. The Narberth Environmental Day of Work focuses on cleaning up Narberth's downtown and promoting environmental awareness. You can keep up to date with local happenings online at News of Our Town, which we have assembled from multiple sources on this one convenient and informative page. And you can contribute to topics you're interested in on our Facebook page

We are your neighbors and friends volunteering on your behalf, helping you to better know your community and stay connected. We often need volunteers for our events and encourage you to contact us if you'd like to help out. Narberth is a family-friendly, interesting, agreeable place to live and visit due to the efforts of the Narberth Civic Association, in cooperation with our town's other organizations.

Be a Narb! Join us now and make an investment in the future of our town!

Our Meetings

Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month (except for July & August) at 7pm in Narberth Borough Hall on the 2nd floor. Members, future members and the public are welcome at board meetings. Two general membership meetings are held every year in the spring and the fall. Officers (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary) are currently elected in the spring of odd-numbered years.

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